‘The Lady Gaga Project’ Will Pay Gaga Fans To Bash Madonna Online

Lady Gaga crowdsurfing with the luckiest fan ever at Lollapalooza

Update: Thank you to blogger Super Amanda for reaching out to us: It turns out the blog is a total fake supposedly run by pro-Madonna fans.

The rivalry between Lady Gaga and her obvious influence Madonna seems to have been simmering since January, when both performers acknowledged Madge’s influence on the “Born This Way” singer. Though the two have remained fairly civil, their fans are still carrying on the battle. And now with the Super Bowl approaching on Sunday, Gaga’s “little monsters” are preparing to strike.

ONTD found this bizarre blog called The Lady Gaga Project, which put out a call yesterday asking for Gaga fans who would be willing to bash Madonna on the internet. They’re asking fans to log on to Huffington Post, Towleroad, People, USA Today, and more and post negative comments going after everything from Madonna’s new “Gimme All Your Luvin’” video to her film W.E. to her muscular arms. Kids will get paid 5-10 cents per pageview.

It’s kind of scary how much they’ve thought this through:

Your comments must be at least five sentences long and cover one of the following topics:

1. Madonna’s new single is flopping. It’s getting bad reviews.
2. Madonna is a has-been. Lady Gaga is more current.
3. “WE” is getting really bad reviews.
4. Madonna is a copycat, not Lady Gaga.
5. Madonna’s Super Bowl show was awful.
6. Madonna’s body parts (mostly her grotesque arms).

More to come. Please be a part of our program. Take off work this weekend and earn money here! Thanks to Little Monster Salvatore and Little Monster Rebecca for donating money to this. Thanks to Little Monster Super Amanda for suggesting we do this in the first place. PAWS UP!

The horrible irony is, a few months ago Gaga announced the establishment of an anti-bullying foundation, Born This Way. Obviously Madonna isn’t vulnerable in the same way as a misunderstood LGBT youth, but the principle still stands. Although Gaga hasn’t yet responded to her fans’ crazy plan, in an interesting bit of timing she did scold them yesterday for insulting a teenager who had committed suicide in her “defense.” She tweeted:

Tweets about a 14 yr olds suicide in order to take a jab at me? Consider your integrity making fun at a dead child’s pain.

Direct your insults @ladygaga, I can take it. Don’t bring in those who are not alive anymore to defend themselves. Be braver than that.

I imagine the same advice stands for Madonna. This isn’t such surprising behavior, considering how passionate Gaga’s fanbase is. After all, this is the group that faked one fan’s death so that Gaga would tweet at her. But for the most part, Gaga welcomes this enthusiasm and love; that’s her crowd-surfing and straddling one lucky fan at Lollapalooza in the photo. Here’s hoping she nips this thing in the bud over Twitter as soon as possible.

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