Beyoncé Offered Insane Amounts Of Money To Be On The X Factor

You know who doesn’t make enough money? Beyoncé. It’s like someone give this woman a raise already! Luckily, that (brave) someone is Simon Cowell who supposedly stepped forward and offered Bey $500 million dollars to join The X Factor as a judge for the next five years. Just to recap for everyone, that’s 500 followed by six more zeros. If she accepts the job, it puts her and Jay-Z’s net worth at a little over one billion dollars.  To put things in perspective, that’s like one zillion more dollars than a blogger makes.

According to the rumors, Beyoncé’s considering taking the offer. Because, why not? Why not make a few hundred million dollars judging a talent show. Plus, she would get to hang out with Simon Cowell. And no one pulls off a fitted black t-shirt quite like him.  Oh, also she might need the extra income if the stories about her hiring six nannies for Blue Ivy are true. Extra, but necessary, help does not pay for itself.

But there is a downside to the whole affair. Not only does Simon get bored with his judges easily (goodbye Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger), but he’s also apparently courting Mariah Carey for the position. Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Cowell clearly has a thing for divas with new babies.  If Whitney Houston popped one out now, she’d be on the short list too.

Now the not-so-obvious question. If both Mariah and Beyoncé said yes to the position, would he hire both of them? Is there room for two huge divas on one reality show? Has that ever even been attempted before? Are there even spotlights big enough to shine on both of them at once?

So many questions, so few answers. All I want to know is who you would prefer to see as the judge.

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