Octavia Spencer And Melissa McCarthy Bond Over Spanx And Other Things

Is there anything more magical in Hollywood land than when two awesome celebrities are best friends in real life? Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and now my new favorite pair, Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy.

Yesterday Octavia went on Ellen to talk about Spanx. While I’m guessing she was there to talk about other things, like her award-winning film The Help, her most quotable moment was about Spanx and her BFF Melissa McCarthy:

“I could not party [one] night because I was being pinched in places that I didn’t know it was possible. I ran into Melissa McCarthy who is in Bridesmaids and brilliant, one of my closest friends. I said, ‘Oh my god Melissa, I’m about to die. My Spanx are killing me.’ She said, ‘I just went to the bathroom and took mine off,” she added.

Like Kristen Bell seeing a sloth on her birthday, I was emotionally overwrought by the news that Octavia and Melissa (or Octavs and Meliss as I’m calling them in my head) are real life friends. Not only are they both hilarious and not only did they both star in two of my favorite movies this past year, but they’re also two of the only actresses from this awards season who come off as real, live human beings in interviews. The kind of human beings who have souls and emotions and allow themselves to be excited about being nominated for awards.

And because they’re excited, I’m excited for them — and I’m rooting for them to win. I’m also maybe, kinda, rooting for them to read this article and invite me out for drinks. I promise to wear Spanx and remove them mid-meal.

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