New Social Media Game ‘The Hunger Games Adventures’ Coming To Facebook

Hunger Games logoLionsgate has done a pretty incredible job so far of releasing Hunger Games fansites to make fans feel like they’re really immersed in the world of Suzanne Collins‘ books: You could enter yourself into the reaping through, and fashion site Capitol Couture is laid out like a real magazine, featuring designs from the movie as well as real-life inspirations.

And now, Lionsgate has added another site to the mix: The Hunger Games Adventures, a social media game over Facebook that allows fans to complete adventures and missions that will take them throughout the dystopian nation of Panem. The game won’t be launched til the movie’s release date of March 23, 2012, but they’re making it worth your while: It will be fans’ first chance to see the official map of Panem and how all twelve districts are laid out. Here’s a more detailed description of the game, from Business Wire:

Players will explore Panem and complete missions that will take them to each of the Districts and the Capitol where they will interact with the familiar characters from the book. With each mission they complete, they will advance their own storyline within the world. As the official game of the series, THE HUNGER GAMES ADVENTURES will be the first place fans can see the official map of Panem, and how the districts are laid out. Details for the Map of Panem will be rolled out in the game with a steady stream of chapter expansions as the game, and the world, reveals itself over time.

Because Collins never included a map in her books, fans have spent the last few years trying to figure out the layout of Panem, which covers what used to be North America. The most popular map used by fans has been this one by aimmyarrowshigh:

Panem map by aimmyarrowshigh

Furthermore, V. Arrow is writing The Panem Companion, an unauthorized guide to the world of The Hunger Games. It comes out December 2012; it’ll be really interesting to see a fan’s take on Collins’ world versus the studio’s. Although the studio might seem more official, really it’s just another interpretation since the final word is with Collins. (Though Collins is an executive producer on the movie, so there’s the authenticity you’re looking for.)

“What makes fans of The Hunger Games so amazing is the level of personal investment they have in the characters and the story,” said Lionsgate’s Joe Drake. “We chose [social game company] Funtactix to create this game because they bring the level of authenticity and quality to their movie-based social games that is crucial to fans of The Hunger Games.”

On March 23rd you’ll be able to access; for now, that link takes you to Lionsgate’s official Facebook page for the movie.

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