Meet Jenni: Crushable’s New Editor-in-Chief


I’m Jenni, your new editor-in-chief at Crushable. I’m super excited to be joining the team here and I hope that we all become the bestest of online friends (are there any better kinds of friends these days?). To  make that happen a little bit easier and a little bit faster, I thought I would share a little bit about myself.

My born-and-raised Northeastern parents decided that raising my siblings and I in the NYC suburbs wasn’t exciting enough for them. So when I was 9,  they moved us to Tampa — home of 90% of all stories you hear about crazy Floridians. So I’m this super weird mix of liberal Northeasterner and part-time alligator hunter. Or to put it another way, I can talk really, really fast about things like hammocks, Cuban food and the Nick Hogan scandal of 2007.

I officially started my relationship with the Internet in high school when I googled “7th Heaven is the Worst Show on TV, but I can’t stop watching it” and found a forum that was devoted to that exact Google search. Ever since then, I’ve watched increasingly horrible TV with the intention of reading random internet commenters’ opinions on it. I’ve never understood the phrase “guilty pleasure” because I don’t think anything I watch would be described as an innocent pleasure. From Dance Moms to Real Housewives to Lifetime Original Movies, I watch it all. Although I will say, I do know that I need to start watching Downton Abbey stat. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve prioritized all day Sunday Law & Order: SVU marathons over that. While I’m filling you in on all the things I don’t put on my online dating profile, I might as well add I have an unhealthy obsession with celebrity children and I truly believe that Titanic 3D will be the best movie of 2012.

Before working at Crushable, I worked at COED Media Group where I oversaw content and writers for three completely different sites: CollegeCandy, COEDMagazine and Busted Coverage. One covered college women’s lifestyle topics, one covered men’s lifestyle topics and one covered sports. So in the two years that I worked there I learned a lot about how to have sex in an extra-long dorm bed, how to work the sideboob on the Red Carpet and how to smile and nod politely when people talk enthusiastically about sporting events.

I can’t wait to cover entertainment, pop-culture and everything in-between here at Crushable.

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    • Shar

      GREAT intro! I feel as though I already know you. Can’t wait for more!

    • Thad

      Sounds exciting J Dawg

    • R. Cheese, MD

      Cannot wait to read more from you! Plan on covering any posts on famous saxophone players?

    • Amanda Ernst

      Titanic 3D?! What about Beauty and the Beast 3D?