BlindGossip Says That Leslie Carter’s Death Was From Drugs

Leslie Carter cause of death

Blind Gossip’s newest blind item really can’t be all that blind, since it was posted within hours of the announcement of Leslie Carter‘s mysterious death. It doesn’t seem likely that this item, about a famous family trying to cover up the cause of their child’s death to save face, could be about anyone else. Here’s the full text:

More than one person in this family has achieved fame and success in the music industry, and several others have been television regulars. One of the members of the family recently passed at a very young age. While it is usual for families to ask for privacy when they are in mourning, this family is doing everything they can to cover up the cause of death. It turns out that several members of the family have had similar struggles and they loathe the thought of having to discuss it in public.

The Carter family announced Leslie’s death this morning; she passed away midday on Tuesday in upstate New York. They asked for privacy during this time and would not disclose why the singer and young mother had suddenly died at the age of 25. The music industry part of the blind item obviously fits former Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter and his brother Aaron, who had some success with cheesy songs like “Aaron’s Party” and “That’s How I Beat Shaq.”

“TV regulars” is a bit of a stretch to describe the family, but they did have their E! reality show House of Carters, which starred all four kids trying to rejuvenate their various careers. Plus, Aaron has competed on Dancing with the Stars and Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off.

Most importantly, both Aaron and Nick have both received treatment for drugs and other issues. In 2009, Nick finally faced the damage that he’d done to himself after a decade of hard partying: “I went out and just went nuts,” he told People at the time. “I drank so much and I did a bunch of blow.” In January 2011, Aaron entered rehab for “emotional and spiritual issues.” It’s no wonder the family would want to cover things up.

The only other possibility seems to be the Osmond family, but again, the timing makes it much more likely that this is a sinister cap on Leslie’s shocking death.

Update: TMZ reports that Leslie was addicted to prescription drugs. Also, her brothers have released statements thanking fans for their support.

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