Demi Lovato’s Mom Might Be Worse Than Dina Lohan

Rumors have been swirling for a few weeks now that troubled Disney starlet, Demi Lovato, is going in and out of rehab to deal with some pretty serious addictions. On top of those rumors are rumors that her PR team keeps pulling her out of rehab to prove those rumors wrong. I know, I know, it’s a sick, twisted web of rumors that have been continuously denied by her PR team and simultaneously promoted by (Update: Demi has since given her first interview in a while, with MuchMusic… but she doesn’t address the rumors here, nor that never-ending cocaine allegation. What gives?)

While it’s impossible for us to separate fact from fiction, let’s just err on the side of Hollywood cynicism and Disney’s fantastic child-star-transitioning-to-adult track record and assume Demi really is checking in and out of rehab.

And if we assume that, then we can also safely assume that her mother, Dianna Hart De La Garza, is throwing her hat in the ring to win the highly coveted title: Death be Damned, I’ll Most Definitely Sacrifice My Child(ren) to Make Money.  Former contestants include: Kate Gosselin, Courtney Love and the current title holder, Dina Lohan.  The prize? A highly coveted Us Weekly cover story and a 90% guarantee that you’ll one day be featured in either an E!s Worst Parents Ever countdown or a Lifetime movie. So yes, it’s totally worth it.

What do you need to even be in the running?

1. A  former child star with a problem. Bear in mind, while any problem will get you accepted into the running, it definitely helps if the problem involves drugs, alcohol or a healthy combination of the two.

2. Denial. So much denial! Like take your denial and multiply it by infinity. Then you’ll almost have enough denial.

3. The attitude of Rehab, schmehab.

4. A spare child star. Because just in case the first one doesn’t get you enough headlines, it’s nice to have another (cough, cough Madison De La Garza) waiting in the wings.

But in all seriousness, really? C’mon Dianna. If Demi is as sick as all these rumors are claiming, she needs help — not headlines. Pull it together and you might just get a Mother’s Day card this year.


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    • FT

      Who cares if she’s in rehab or out of rehab? If she’s out, great! If she’s in it and she needs to be, GREAT! Some of my best friends in the world have dealt with depression and self harm and such. They got help, fixed their mentality (their words, not mine) and got on with life. If she’s having problems, she needs help. Let her get the help she needs so she can get back to normal life.

      • Miss common sense

        Ft the problem is not everyone thinks the same way you do. People don’t like to think for them selves. They like to believe in ever rumor that comes along around the rumor bend even though there isn’t a lick of proof to their credibility. Then again it’s human nature to have the masses of gossiping idiots do the thinking for you.

        Really how does it feel to live in a world where you let groundless gossip tell you guys how to think? It must suck to be part of the sheep like crowd who can’t think without the aid of tmz and people magazine.

    • Face palm response

      I imagine that the people who write these articles are unimaginative vapid individuals with pointless lives while they desperately try hard to make them selves fit in with society and the “it crowd” and judging by the twit pic that I saw of jenni maier, I don’t think I’m that far off. Can we say “trying to hard”?

      • Hanna Brooks Olsen

        Hi, Face palm. What exactly is your line of work? I hope it’s something highly necessary to society to be casting judgement like this. Because writing these articles is this person’s job. This is how the author of this article makes a living. I’m sure if being an ass in comments sections was lucrative, you, too could be living your dreams.

      • Face Palm

        I’ll tell you what my line of work is NOT. It doesn’t consist of me being a condescending twit writing fail blogs about celebrities that I have no first hand knowledge about. I don’t CARE what this person’s job is. Her job is a pathetic one and it’s a disgraceful to anyone who TRULY wants to be in the world of professional journalism. Just because “this is her job” that is supposed to be some excuse for the fact that she is doing something despicable and reprehensible? A Hitman’s job is to kill people. Would the excuse that “its his job” make it any less deplorable? Spare me this hap handed argument and save it for your live journal community little girl.

    • Jack Frost

      “ This is anythingdisney in a nutshell.”

      You’re giving anythingdisney too much credit. They wouldn’t even know HOW to step on a treadmill seeing as how 90 percent of them are probably too ugly to show their faces.

    • Jack Frost

      “ This is anythingdisney in a nutshell.”

      You’re giving AD too much credit there.