Why Was Paula Abdul Fired From The X Factor?

It’s a bloodbath at The X Factor! In addition to host Steve Jones and judge Nicole Scherzinger, today news got out that beloved good cop Paula Abdul has been given the axe as well. This leaves only LA Reid to fire. After that, if show creator/producer/bad cop Simon Cowell wants to fire anyone, he’ll have to fire himself.

Why did Paula get the boot? Many are saying it’s because her nicey-nice judging style didn’t mesh as well with The X Factor as it had with American Idol. “Because ‘X Factor’ requires judges to be mentors and to compete against each other, Paula couldn’t simply sit back and be the eternally understanding big sister,” writes David Hinckley of The New York Daily News. “She couldn’t just send all the contestants on their way by telling them never to give up their dream.”

There’s also the issue of ratings. While this past season of The X Factor did quite well, pulling in 12 to 13 million viewers per show, it fell short of the whopping 20 million viewers Simon’s old show, American Idol, pulled in.

To add insult to injury, TMZ reports that Paula got the news from lawyers connected with the show, not from Simon himself. He’s a busy guy, okay? I’m sure he’ll send her a fruit basket or something.

Ms. Abdul has yet to comment on her departure.

(Via TMZ)

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    • Lise’

      While I love Paula, those prom dresses she put her girl group in were dated and completely out of touch with current fashion trends. She should have stuck to choreography and hired a stylist.

    • Tracy

      I don’t think Paula should have been fired. The working realtionship between Paula and Simon is convincing. He should ask her back, because the current list of possibles are ridiculous.