Mindy Kaling Is Getting Her Own Show

Mindy Kaling must be really, really busy. She’s writing and acting in a new season of The Office, her (very funny) book of essays came out this fall, she’s working on an animated show about a high school volleyball team, and now she’s sold a pilot to FOX.

Mindy will star in the comedy show as well as write it. She’s slated to play a OB/GYN described as “Bridget-Jones like.” It’s exciting to see yet another female writer get a chance to create a comedy show (following this year’s disappointing Whitney and Are You There Chelsea?). It’s also exciting to see a new female-centered doctor show is coming out as Grey’s Anatomy flounders. It’s interesting that they call Mindy’s character “Bridget-Jones like” since that could imply so many character traits, some that could make the show really great and some that could drag it down (like Mindy’s character obsessing over her weight).

If her book, or even her Twitter feed is any indication, Mindy’s show will be well worth watching.

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