Lisa Vanderpump Received A Mean Girls Assault At The RHOBH Reunion

Lisa Vanderpump got the mean girl assault at the RHOBH reunion

As predicted, poor Lisa Vanderpump was the center of attention on last night’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion—and by that I mean subject to every sling and arrow from her three castmates on the opposite couch. For much of the night, it went as Brandi Glanville said it would in a prior interview, though not everything she mentioned came to pass.

Let’s break it down, rivalry by rivalry.

Lisa vs. Kyle

Wow, Kyle Richards‘ judgey face came out a lot tonight, and mostly for Lisa. (Though she spared one for Brandi at the end of the episode.) She curled her lip at the talk of how much Pandora‘s wedding cost, even though Lisa wouldn’t name a number. But the detail that brought out the claws was Lisa’s tiara. She claimed that Pandora asked her to wear it, and then came this snide exchange:

Kyle: “I think it suits her, the tiara.”
Lisa: “Oh, stop.”
Adrienne: “Once a princess, always a princess.”

Later, Kyle calls Lisa out for apologizing to Adrienne:

Lisa: “Why shouldn’t I apologize?”
Kyle: “It’s the way you’re doing it, Lisa.”

As far as Kyle is concerned, Lisa’s every move is calculated.

Kyle Richards judgey face at RHOBH reunion

Lisa vs. Adrienne

We should have known that the big rivalry this season would be between Lisa and Adrienne, seeing as the season 2 previews showed the same clip of Lisa mocking Adrienne for “washing” raw food with dish soap. (Note that she was telling that anecdote to Kyle, who roared appreciatively. Kyle now sits beside Adrienne.)

That bit aside, what they really came to blows over was public image. As one of the Housewives pointed out, Lisa and Adrienne are the competing queen bees of the group. The most consistent pattern this season was Adrienne getting offended by something Lisa did. Lisa allegedly insulted Adrienne’s chef Bernie‘s cooking; she dubbed Adrienne’s heel “the Maloof hoof” (which is hilarious!); and she jokingly called Adrienne’s dog Crackpot “Jackpot” over Twitter. You would think Lisa would get that one, since Adrienne said, “That’s like my child” and Lisa is obviously way attached to Giggy.

All petty stuff, but it was indicative of a bigger issue between them about hotels in Las Vegas. Adrienne was miffed that Lisa didn’t ask her to have Pandora’s bachelorette party at The Palm in Las Vegas, instead choosing another friend’s hotel. However, it’s clear that the only reason Adrienne felt insulted was because Bravo filmed all of the festivities, so she missed out on the publicity.

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    • sam

      Finally people are seeing the true Maloof. I have never cared for this woman. I felt she was putting on a “show” but knew she was controlling. She believed ever story told exect those by friends. She is money and fame hungrey. She uses the show to push her products. Thats clear. She is a mean girl who wants you to believe that SHE is a peace keeper. She is actually the oppisite. Go back and watch the season and watch her control or try to lead the situation. She cares for no one but herself.

      • Sabrina

        Plus, Adrienne is by no definition a “housewife.” She is a high powered businesswoman worth over $300M. The whole show is a joke!

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    • Sam

      Lisa should stay away from Maloof. She is a trouble maker. Lisa should also drop Brandi. She may be funny but she too is trouble and is no lady. Maloof says she doesn’t have time for the pittyness. Pay attention people..Maloof is creating the mess.

    • Jules

      Malloof is an heiress – born on home base, thinks she hit a home run. No “businesswoman” that I’ve ever known would ever be so thin-skinned, tone-deaf and silly. She “works hard” cashing checks from her trust, ordering her servants around, gathering up shoes to dump on a table for her “design” team to outright copy, and flying on private jets to sit courtside at basketball games. Exhausting “work.” If she had a head for business, she and her bros wouldn’t be bankrupting the family fortune now.

      • Liz


    • Archer

      I feel bad for Lisa. She was slapped around by these “ladies.” Kyle really went for Lisa but looked like the fool in the end. I remember her saying being friends with Lisa is like playing chess with Bobby Fischer, every move is calculated. Andy then said “are you saying she’s manipulative?” She looked at him like her plan was gonna be ruined if he kept talking. I have to say that Andy stayed neutral and called everyone out when needed. Malloof really showed her true colors. You can tell she is totally jealous of Lisa being the overall favorite. I believe Kyle is jealous as well. I think they want to bully Lisa out of the show. Malloof can say that “having everything is easy if you are willing to work for it” when you are born into a rich family and given everything you needed to become successful. I hope Lisa stays on the show.