Christian Bale’s Funniest Facial Expressions: In Honor Of His 38th Birthday

Christian Bale funny facial expressions for his birthday

It’s Christian Bale‘s 38th birthday today, and we wanted to clear something up. See, the intense actor is most well-known for playing the gravel-voiced Batman in Christopher Nolan‘s films… and for going ballistic on a crew member on the set of Terminator: Salvation two years ago. But Bale is also capable of being funny, by twisting his face into a bevy of expressions. Whether it’s a photo shoot or a still from a movie like Little Women or American Psycho, he’s got quite the rubber face. In honor of his birthday, we’ve compiled our favorite snapshots of Pissy Bale, Silly Bale, and many more.

Anyway, even when he’s being a jerk it’s funny: Some genius on YouTube remixed Bale’s on-set rant to a typical Italian wedding song.

Happy birthday, Christian! May we continue to occasionally be scared of you but mostly laugh.

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