Celebrity Lookalikes: Jon Stewart And Punk Bassist Alford Faulkner

Jon Stewart moshing punk show

A photo has been going around the internet that’s supposedly of The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart diving into the pit at a Dead Kennedys show in Richmond, VA in 1982. While the guy in the photo does look a great deal like a young Jon Stewart, it’s actually bassist Alford Faulkner, of Red Cross and The Prevaricators.

Faulker confirmed on Saturday that it’s him in the photo, not Jon Stewart. The resemblance really is uncanny, though:

At least in that picture. Another photo of Faulkner shows him looking somewhat less Stewart-esque:

But if you’re saddened that your tumbls of “I want to marry/befriend him” are now moot, don’t be. Jon Stewart did indeed go to punk shows in the 80s, as this documentary would attest. Just not this particular one, that we know of.

Given the man’s flair for self-deprecation, I can only hope this will make it into a Daily Show segment, preferably with Faulkner as a special guest. I can’t wait to see what jokes Stewart makes about mosh pits and his frail, nebbishy self.

(Via The Daily What)

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