Jean Dujardin Upsets George Clooney and Brad Pitt For Best Actor At The SAG Awards

The stars all came out for the SAG Awards in Hollywood on Sunday — the one awards show of the season where actors are the judges of the year’s acting performances. In fact, their dedication to the craft is so deep that the tiny statuette given as an award is called “The Actor.” And “The Actor” for best actor in a film surprisingly went to Jean Dujardin for his performance in The Artist.

Dujardin’s win was a severe upset considering that The Oscar race for the same prize is considered to be between George Clooney and Brad Pitt.

The friends and Ocean’s 11 c0-stars are considered the frontrunners for their performances in The Descendants and MoneyBall. Both played against type in films that hinged on their performances. Meanwhile, Dujardin is a new face in Hollywood. Not only that, he’s a French actor who barely even spoke in the retro pic The Artist.  In fact, he had a grand total of two words of dialogue at the end of the movie: “With Pleasure.”

The Artist is considered to have a good chance of winning the Best Picture Oscar because its black and white homage to the silent film hits the nostalgia button for many viewers (and film judges). But no one really considered the fact that Dujardin would best Pitt and Clooney for the acting award. I’m not sure exactly what it says that a man who doesn’t speak could beat out that beautiful twosome. Chances are it won’t also happen at The Oscars. Let’s hope that the actors/judges at The SAG Awards aren’t as good at judging acting as they are at creating it. Because the headlines tomorrow are going to be that Clooney/Pitt got robbed.

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    • Amanda

      Seriously? Silent movies should have their own category. If he can win anyone can? Never have to say anything..never mind memorising lines etc? What a joke! Sorry seen movie, it does not appeal or compare to others I have seen.

      • Archies_Leach

        YOU CLEARLY don’t HAVE A CLUE about acting.

        The greatest complement an actor can receive is that they’re conveying their emotions WITHOUT WORDS.

        When you get a clue…..

    • Thatoneguy

      Aha, what a veracious triumph for Jean Dujardin’s character of byronic proportions. Clooney’s potential will officially recede. I praise Dujardin for his recognition. Although; Fassbender’s captivating and powerful performance was severely dismissed. Including Michael Shannon’s haunting portrayal in “Take Shelter.”

    • Michael

      Brad Pitt and George Clooney’s debauched nominations were materialized, at the sacrificial expense of Fassbender’s cinematic absorption.

    • Anne

      I’m sorry, but not saying a word in a film does not mean you’re not acting. If anything, to be able to reach out and convey strog emotions as touch your audience without saying a word is far mor impressive (see Holly Hunter’s silent but Oscar-winning performance in The Piano). As for Dujardin robbing Clooney and Pitt, Dujardin has won best actor at some of the most prestigious awards ceremonies, such as Cannes and the Globes. It’s not like this came out of nowhere, and it definitely isn’t undeserved. I’m tired of everyone assuming that just because you are a household name and dominate the Hollywood film circuit that you are more worthy of an Oscar. Dujardin deserved his win and I’m betting he’ll win the Oscar as well. Felicitations, Jean!

      • Michelle

        Who said he wasn’t acting? How about the rest of us who are disappointed that a little trifle like The Artist is being considered as a serious movie?

    • Archies_Leach


      Meghan Keane doesn’t have a clue about acting!

      An actors DREAM is to perform in a silent project. That an actor can convey their emotions thru their bodies “language” ALONE IS THE DREAM OF ANY ACTOR.

      Meghan: if you’d gone thru acting school you’d get a clue.

      • Sam

        Why are you such an apologist for The Artist? It was nostalgic schlock. It’s cool if you’re a failed actor who lives for that stuff, but it was homage at best, and added nothing new to a story everyone already knew.

    • Tony

      Meghan, hope your spoken words aren’t as bad your written words… What a pathetic article.

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