Video: Incredibly Offensive Anti-Obama Ad Depicts Him As Captain Of A Slave Ship

Florida Congressional candidate Mark Oxner has produced an anti-Obama campaign ad that will probably go down in history as one of the stupidest and most offensive of all time. It depicts the President as captain of a slave ship powered by children. That’s right, a slave ship. As in, the kind of ship that brought a bunch of Africans to America against their will, at devastating cost to human rights and the future of our national conscience. As in, maybe not the best way for a white guy to go after a black guy.

Beyond the offensive metaphor, the ad doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. “I got free healthcare for life,” crows one gleeful woman, as if a.) Obama has actually provided this, and b.) not having to die because you’re too poor to afford insurance is a bad, undesirable thing. “My bank was bailed out by this ship,” said another guy, as if Republicans hate banks and do not want to help them at all. Right after that, there’s a shot of a scary OWS protestor in a Guy Fawkes mask. “Don’t you care about the banks? Don’t you care about the 99%?” Obama’s parrot Alan Grayson (the guy Oxner’s running against) says. Does Mark Oxner realize these two concepts are diametrically opposed?

But going back to the slave ship metaphor…what in the fucking fuck. I would like to know which genius campaign managers sat around at a meeting bouncing ideas off each other until they decided a slave ship was the very best metaphor they could think of. What lost out to the slave ship? Obama as the owner of a cotton plantation? It seems to me like they are subtly daring opponents to call the ad out as racist, or at the least horribly insensitive, at which point they will accuse progressives of reverse racism for daring to say something about it. Or maybe they’re just really, really dumb. Who knows?

For added fun, check out the Oxner campaign getting super defensive in the comments on Youtube.

(Via Youtube)

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