“Demi Moore Makes Out With a Fifteen-Year-Old” Is A Slightly Misleading Headline

Demi Moore’s been having a really hard time lately, and this clip isn’t going to make it any better. While headlines might lead you to believe Demi has taken her love of younger men to an illegal level, this video was taken when she was nineteen (but could have passed for twenty-nine).In it Demi locked lips with a fellow General Hospital star on his fifteenth birthday (a star who looks like a twelve-year-old Kiernan Culkin).

I guess if celebrities get bigger houses and cars it only makes sense that they would get bigger embarrassments, and this little video should make any bad hair day yearbook photo look like a glamour shot. It seems like bad timing that this clip would go viral right as Demi is dealing with her drug issues in the public eye. Here’s hoping someone makes a supercut of her best roles from the 80s soon. She could use some cheering up.

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      Inappropriate? Yeah, but this isn’t really anything newsworthy. Demi Moore made a fool of herself in front of a bajillion cameras and kissed a kid in clear view of his parents.

      I’m more horrified that his parents or one of the other people with Moore didn’t discreetly pull her aside and tell her to go sober up. (Come on, it’s a young and hot Demi Moore, no way she arrived at that party by herself and is only with the kid.)