One Tree Hill: What Happened After Julian Left Davis In The Car?

Can you believe that we’re already a quarter through the final season of One Tree Hill? I’ll be honest, I expected the show to end on a whisper instead of a bang, giving the fans some pat, neat little future where they laugh about the absurd storylines of the past nine seasons as just that, the past.

And then, in the last few minutes of “Love the Way You Lie,” Mark Schwahn and co. brought it. Let me lay it out for you, whether you watched it for yourself or are clueless. This episode was filled with bittersweet victories for Brooke and Julian: She wrangled some investors for her Baker Men little boys’ clothing line, but it was only because her dad brought her out as the pretty bimbo to charm said investors. Julian heard from a movie company in L.A. who were interested in renting out his soundstage for a new TV series, so he spent the episode excitedly setting things up for an early meeting.

There’s an odd moment where Julian gets some money out of the ATM and he notices that the twenties are dyed red on the corner. My first thought was: Counterfeit plot! (OK, so I’d just reread the fourth Stephanie Plum book.) But at the end of the episode, Brooke calls Julian, amidst sirens on his end, and says that the daycare said he never dropped off their son Davis. At that very moment, Julian sees an ambulance pulled up alongside his car—the window has been smashed open, there’s an empty baby carrier, and they’re loading a body into the ambulance. Julian stares in horror, and then… fade to black. At this point, I was shouting at the TV and desperately trolling the internet for explanations.[tagbox tag="One Tree Hill"]

Viewers can’ t figure out what happened. The prevailing theories seem to be that someone broke in to the car and tried to kidnap Davis, or even strangled him in broad daylight… or maybe the cops shot the kidnapper, and it’s his/her body being wheeled into the ambulance? (Honestly, it’s difficult to tell size, it happens so fast.) But here’s what I think:

Julian absentmindedly left little Davis strapped into his carrier in a hot car with the windows up. Police saw the baby suffocating and tried to shatter the windows, but they were too late and Davis asphyxiated.

Here’s the video, if you can bear to watch it again. Gah, I’m so stressed out just looking at Austin Nichols‘ face. (Meaning, kudos to him and Sophia Bush on such good acting.)

Davis can’t be dead! It has to be that the ambulance just took him away for his own safety, and Brooke and Julian will have Child Protective Services on their ass all season. It makes sense; the first few episodes set them up as dead tired and overworked; now Julian will stand to lose the esteem of this L.A. company. But don’t kill off one of their adorable twins! (Even though I completely predicted this last year.)

In less dramatic news, we figured out why they filmed inside a strip club over the summer: So Chris Keller and poor Chase could bond over Alex‘s departure. Yay?

So, how did the next episode “Don’t You Want to Share the Guilt?” stack up for you? We were sort of hoping the plotline would get increasingly juicy, but ultimately we’re glad that OTH wrapped up the storyline in a mature, realistic way.

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    • Stephanie

      He’s not – Sophia tweeted pictures far into filming of the two of them in their little bibs. He probably just got left in there and broken out.

      Nathan on the other hand….

      • Natalie Zutter

        Is that the theory, that Nathan’s dead? I know he’s supposed to get kidnapped at one point…

    • Jennifer

      I can not tell if baby Davis is dead or not, but heres my thought…Chase hit Julians car. I could not figure out what was significant about the ATM scene, but then later in the strip club (after drinking all day) Chase mentions that he had just come back from the ATM. So…maybe in his drunken state Chase hit Julians car?

      • XX.

        Yeah, i totally thought someone hit the car. Especially considering how many car issues that Tree Hill has, it makes so much sense,

    • Gosh

      I thought the car was hit at first too, cause I was in wide open jaw locked mode out of complete disappointment lol. But, I taped the show and watched that part over and over. The car was parked, wasn’t hit at all. The baby was placed on a stretcher with an oxygen tank. So, 6 more days to find out how this ends :(

      • Natalie Zutter

        So it was an oxygen tank! I was so confused as to what that strange cylinder was.

    • Becky

      I don’t want to think about what happen to Davis. I Don’t think I want to watch it next week. Hopefully someone got the baby before anything happens to him.

    • Lianne

      Hope the baby is ok, i hate the thought of Brooke going through any more heart ache, after all the trouble she went through trying to get pregnant.

      Also, I think its quinn who dies, i think Clay’s sleeping problem gets worse and he kills her in his sleep…..

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