What The World Needs Now: Prince Charming With A Beard

The facial hair world can finally sleep better at night now. For the first time in almost 60 years, The Walt Disney Co. will be free of breaking the discrimination laws that it had in the past by not allowing their employees to grow facial hair.

For the past 10 years the American Mustache Institute has been battling Mickey’s home base and has finally won against the company that was started by a mustached man, mind you. As of February 3rd, Disney employees will be allowed to rock beards and goatees. It was Walt Disney himself who, in 1955, felt the need to “distinguish his theme park from what he called ‘filthy carnies.’” Oh, that Disney! He really had a bone to pick with everyone!

In 2000, Disney decided to loosening up on the tight code that had been in tact for almost 50 years and finally allowed male employees to grow mustaches. It was a big step for a business that has shown generations of kids that Prince Charming is a clean-shaven man who can usually sing quite well.

However, there are still some rules for those who may be thinking of growing some facial hair for the workplace. All facial hair can be no more than a quarter of an inch long (read: hippies you’re still not welcome) and any whiskers “must create an overall neat, polished and professional look.” On top of that, facial hair must be well-groomed (there are mini-brushes for that) and fully grown in (so you need to call in sick during the mid-growth process). Isn’t progress fun?

To further prove that Disney is all about coming to terms with the times, the company finally allowed female employees to skip wearing pantyhose while wearing skirts two years ago. I’m sure Disney has been rolling over in his grave ever since.

With this new and improved outlook on life, if Disney were to go back and bring their princes into the 21st Century by giving them beards and mustaches, who might their facial hair-donning men be as inspiration? We have a few ideas.

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    • Katie

      Flynn Rider has a dashing goatee, and he totally counts as a Prince Charming.

    • Confused

      Does the Beast or Prince Adam not count?

    • Byron Buchannan

      I think anything that deals with style is going to have a 50/50 compliance. Because they took a survey and found out that 92% of statistics are wrong (LOL)! I think it will be great. It gives the people more of a choice. I am in the facial hair business. I sell products specifically for men with facial hair. But it is a love hate relationship. Sometimes they like it, sometimes they don’t, and sometimes they don’t care. I get a lot of people who say no one wears facial hair but someone in Disney with some power had a beard and heard enough complaints.

      In my opinion because of how passionate some men who have beards are, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were about to get sued for discrimination. I understand about maintaining your brand but at what cost?

      So 4 hand claps for Disney!