Patton Oswalt Is Hanging Out On Twitter With His Fellow Oscar Snub-ees

Patton Oswalt Oscar snub

Patton Oswalt is reacting to his Best Supporting Actor snub the only way he knows how: by retreating into a fantasy land where all of his fellow snub-ees are hanging out and drinking with him. As is to be expected of the prolific funny man, he’s sharing this fantasy with us via Twitter.

He kicked things off earlier today with shout outs to Albert Brooks and Andy Serkis:

Then, Michael Fassbender (and his magnificent penis) joined the gang:

Next, Tilda Swinton and Oswalt’s Young Adult co-star Charlize Theron showed up quite thirsty:

And Ryan Gosling, Elizabeth Olsen, and Kirsten Dunst (more on her later) kicked it up a notch:

Some folks decided to sing karaoke:

And finally, everyone took off for Legoland, where dream really do come true:

As far as anyone knows, they’re still there and having a grand old time, at least in Oswalt’s mind. All in all, I think he did a fairly good job making his picks for “worst snubbed people” known without being a total baby about it.

(Via Vulture)

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