Lifetime’s Drew Peterson: Untouchable: The Highlights Reel

Rob Lowe and Kaley Cuoco in Lifetime's Drew Peterson: Untouchable

This weekend, a blessed event occurred: Lifetime premiered perhaps its campiest movie yet, Drew Peterson: Untouchable. This went above and beyond other “inspired by a true story” tales, because it was Rob Lowe suiting up in a fat suit and gray moustache — not to mention a spotty  Midwestern accent — to play charismatic police sergeant Drew Peterson, accused of murdering his third and fourth wives. It’s astonishing that no one suspects him of murder for most of the movie, considering that he tries to lock his third wife Kathleen in a jail cell at the station and that when fourth wife Stacy (Kaley Cuoco) goes missing, he glibly ropes in another lithe young blonde.

Unlike our usual Highlight Reels, this one for the Untouchable Lifetime movie has the added bonus of the eight best quotes from the movie. Honestly, it was difficult to shave them down because the movie has so many ridiculous moments. Some are undoubtedly real, like Drew laughing in the news cameras when accused of murdering Stacy, while his habit of referring to himself as “Big Daddy” is hopefully fiction.

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    • anne

      The show was very inaccurate (no evidence of the “untouchab­le” phrase at all), the timelines of the events were wrong–and most of all, it completely ruined the chances of a fair and unbiased jury pool. Lifetime and Joe Hosey should be ashamed of themselves­. And Will County Illinois should explain when they have ever imposed a 20 million dollar bail for anyone who has never been shown to be a flight risk. Peterson may be guilty–he may not–but he definitely should be brought to trial after this length of time.

      • amyl

        you must be another one of the 23 year old blondes….

      • Jo

        That guy is disgusting and there is no doubt in my mind and obviously with the judge that he is infact a flight risk and has the potential to hurt and kill someone again. Let him rot in that jail.

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    • Crystal

      He is right where he needs to be….. Great movie, sad that it is base on true events! Sad for the kids…..