Video: Did This Performance Art Couple Punk The People’s Court?

Nick & Nora on The People’s Court from The Nick and Nora Variety Hour! on Vimeo.

A video’s been making the internet rounds today that’s ostensibly of a young woman suing her ex-boyfriend on The People’s Court for stealing her stand-up comedy routine. At first, it seems like a regular People’s Court appearance; it’s got the prerequisite morose glances and he said she said, and, like every other bad ex-boyfriend to appear on the show, the guy speaks out of turn, forcing Judge Marilyn Milian to smack him down. But the longer you watch it, the more you realize something’s not quite right. The guy’s act seems a little too calculatedly douchey, and the wingman he brings to silently nod along with everything he says is bizarre.

Nick gives the whole thing away at the end by telling a cartoonishly misogynistic joke he does not seem nearly oafish enough to mean sincerely (“What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?”). Then, when the announcer asks what’s up with his bobblehead friend, the bobblehead leans in and says “women aren’t funny” with perfectly deadpan delivery. I’m guessing The People’s Court might have realized something was up then, too.

A glance at the (since reconciled) couple’s website confirms it: these kids are into performance art, as evidenced by their funny-weird, not funny-ha-ha video series “The Nick And Nora Variety Show.” By way of introducing the People’s Court video, they write:

During a brief romantic and creative hiatus, Nora sued Nick on The People’s Court. These were dark days for the both of us, but with the help of Judge Marilyn Milian and the American judicial system justice and love triumphed.

If by “justice and love” they mean “our ploy for attention,” then sure. Something tells me Judge Milian is not going to be pleased when she finds out about this. The American TV judicial system is not a toy!

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