Glee’s Latest Casting News Is Exciting But Inconsistent

Glee fans are excited. After major plot lines featuring Finn’s mom, Kurt’s dad, and even Mike Chang’s father, we’re finally going to see Rachel’s dads. The thing is, we saw them before any of the other McKinley parental units emerged. When you google image search Glee, Rachel’s dads, the first thing that comes is up Rachel’s locker snap-shot above, photographic evidence of her dads’ identities featured on season one, episode one. The smiling faces in the photo however, will not be the ones appearing as her dads in an upcoming episode.

Lea Michelle tweeted a picture of herself and her newly cast TV dads, Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell yesterday. I’ll admit this is one of Glee’s best guest star casting decisions since picking Sarah Drew to play Suzy Pepper, Mr. Schue’s student stalker. Brian, a Tony award winning actor has even already shared the Broadway stage with Lea (they were both in the original cast of Ragtime). As perfect as the two of them are in theory to play Rachel’s dads (and sing as Rachel’s dads), they look nothing like the dads from that season one picture.

Casting swaps aren’t uncommon on comedy shows. Rosanne has two Beckys, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air had two Aunt Vivs, and Boy Meets World had two Morgans. In all three cases, however, the swapped in actors and actresses bore at least a passing resemblance to the ones they were replacing. It might seem like a small detail, especially since Rachel’s dads circa season one were non-verbal and one dimensional, but they’ve been referenced a lot since then, and the only image the viewers have had to conjure up was that photo booth picture. I’m excited to see Jeff and Brian perform on “Heart,” Glee’s episode airing this Valentines Day, but I still wish they could have gotten actors that more closely matched photo-dads. I forgive Glee their student-teacher-baby-daddy affairs, spontaneous musical numbers, and sometimes bottom-less at times non-existent funding. They should at least keep a little character continuity.

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