Celebrities Tweeting Sweet Nothings To Their Significant Others: True Love Or Slick PR Move?

When Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore stopped tweeting each other excessively lovey-dovey nonsense, the world wondered what was going on with them. It wasn’t like Mr. and Mrs. Kutcher to not dominate the Twittersphere with “proof” that they were not only deeply in love, but a happily married couple. But alas, not long after the tweets fizzled so did their six-year-long marriage.

It’s no secret that Hollywood marriages fail a lot of the time and for different reasons. Sometimes it’s the stress of being in the public eye, occasionally it’s all those almost-real love scenes with a co-star or it’s just Kim Kardashian trying to make a buck and stay relevant. In most cases when rumors start to spread that a couple is on the fritz, their public relations team jumps in and tells them to do something “romantic” in the public eye so all that chitter-chatter about the status of their relationship will come to an end. Sometimes these PDA moments work, other times they fail and the relationship in question follows suit.

With the Internet being the go-to place for everyone to get their news and celebrity fix, it makes sense that famous people have taken their PDA to places like Twitter. However, who’s to know if it’s real or a perfectly concocted scheme to prove to fans that “yes, we’re in love so look at these tweets as proof.”

Here are some celebrities who have taken their love to the Twittersphere. You decide who’s for real and who’s a straight up liar.

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