Lessons From Dating Rules From My Future Self

Dating Rules - Shiri Appleby

What would you do if your phone buzzed and you looked down and saw a text message from yourself … in 10 years? We’re sure our future self would have some helpful advice to give us, maybe about a particular dude who’s been stringing us along for a few months that we haven’t quite been able to show the door. Imagine all the pain and humiliation we could save ourselves.

For lucky Lucy, the protagonist of the new web series Dating Rules From My Future Self (from the producers of Gossip Girl) this is a reality! When Lucy — an average 20-something struggling with the woes of dating played by Shiri Appleby — starts getting text messages from her older, wiser self 10 years in the future, she starts to wonder if these dating rules will lead her to a blissful future or if they are really just made to be broken.

If you could turn to your future self for dating advice what would you ask her? We asked some 20- and 30-something women to share what they would have told themselves 10 years ago.

This post was sponsored by Dating Rules From My Future Self presented by Schick Quattro for Women Trimstyle.

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