Josh Radnor From How I Met Your Mother Wrote An Ayahuasca Memoir

The Internet is abuzz today with the realization that Josh Radnor from How I Met Your Mother has written, and is about to publish, a memoir called One Big Blissful Thing that’s about taking ayahuasca with a shaman in the rainforest of Brazil. The book’s description has actually been up online for a while now, but it’s flown remarkably under the radar until now.

Here is how the book’s publisher describes it on Amazon (not to be confused with the Amazon, harr harr):

The story of one man’s unlikely spiritual awakening—this is Eat, Pray, Love for those who would rather be reading McSweeney’s.

Josh Radnor grew up in Ohio. He was driven to school in a big yellow bus. He watched The Cosby Show and John Hughes movies. He also went on to become a successful actor in Hollywood. How then, in 2007, did he end up drinking an indigenous plant medicine called ayahuasca with a shaman in Brazil?

I’m pretty sure it’s not as huge a leap as the book description thinks to go from “successful actor in Hollywood” to “New Age spirituality drug tourist.” In fact, I’m pretty sure successful Hollywood actors are some of the only Americans with the time, money, and taste for appropriating the religions of other cultures to actually go and do a thing like this. And “Eat, Pray, Love for those who would rather be reading McSweeney’s” is makes about as much sense as “Kelly Clarkson for those who would rather be listening to Godspeed You! Black Emperor,” but the important thing is this: Josh Radnor is not a square, you guys. He consumed an ancient hallucinogenic vine with a shaman in the rainforest of Brazil, and it changed his whole goddamn life. Perhaps it was even the key that unlocked his gripping, tour de force performances on How I Met Your Mother. Read the book and let me know, okay?

(Via Gawker)

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    • Mary

      Mr. Peck,

      1. Ayahuasca is not a drug, it’s a Medicine.
      2. Plenty of people all over the world that are neither rich nor famous find the time and the money to go to the jungle and try and Ayahuasca.
      3. Just because Mr. Radnor is an actor does not mean that he did not have a profound experience drinking Ayahuasca. And his book may very well do a wonderful and humorous job of expressing that.
      4. Your obvious sarcasm and scorn for a man you never met and a book you never read, could only stem from your own low self esteem.
      5. YOU should drink some Aya so you can learn to love yourself and other people and stop being such a hater.

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    • peter

      Mr. Peck, you are an asshole, a dont know even the slightest bit about Ayahuasca. You should try it some time.
      pd: ancient DRUG?… what an ass