Glee Report Card: Yes But No But Yes

“First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”
Performed by Rachel, Santana, Mercedes, and Tina
Originally performed by Roberta Flack

Here’s where things got especially sappy, with each of the ladies envisioning their one true love and the first time they saw his/her face. As the camera panned over to Santana, I knew that we were going to get a Brittany moment, and damn if it didn’t make me tear up. It was a really lovely number, but since I’m grading more in the scope of the whole series as opposed to just this episode, it didn’t break my top 10 (or 20).

Grade: B+

“Without You”
Performed by Rachel
Originally performed by David Guetta feat. Usher

Artie put it right that Rachel’s song is a little overwrought. Plus, it just seemed out of place. I had forgotten that she and Finn got back together already, and this seemed more like an “oh my God, I have to get back together with him!” song than an “I love Finn, and I’d be worried if he enlisted.”

Grade: B

“We Found Love”
Performed by Rachel and Santana, with the rest of New Directions
Originally performed by Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris

Simple, clear, and tender—Glee does songs like this well. The production is over-the-top (a synchronized swimming proposal for Emma complete with Will swimming in a white tuxedo), but the vocals are stripped-down. Even though Rihanna has such a distinctive voice, New Directions really made this their own.

Grade: A-

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