Cedric Martinez Says RHOBH Producers Arranged His Confrontation With Lisa Vanderpump

The big showdown on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, aside from the shock of Taylor Armstrong leaving her husband Russell, was Lisa Vanderpump coming face-to-face with her former ward Cedric Martinez. I was sad to see Cedric disappear last season, after the Vanderpumps decided that the rapscallion they’d adopted in France could no longer live in their posh Beverly Hills mansion.

Cedric was shuffled out without any real explanation, though we can knock our first guess off the list; according to WetPaint, he’s gay, which negates any steamy Cedric/Lisa romance. But in Monday’s episode he popped up at the opening of Lisa’s restaurant Sur, looking as if he’d gotten some Botox or other procedure that gave him a Joker-esque grin.

Lisa asked him to leave, saying that he’d done something horrible to her that she couldn’t forgive. However, Cedric tells Reality Tea that the RHOBH producers actually orchestrated his appearance and were even considering him for a spin-off. Here’s an excerpt from his personal statement, explaining why he got booted off the show:

Let me tell you what she did: When Lisa discovered the truth about her husband’s prostitutes, affairs and love child, she made the choice to stay with a cheater so she could continue on her desperate quest for fame. Then she kicked me to the curb, filed a false police complaint and conspired with her friend, the Editor of Us Weekly to defame and slander me.

…What viewers didn’t see last night was the weeks of back-and-forth negotiations between my manager and [name removed], the Executive Producer of Real Housewives. Dave cleared my invite (and the “olive branch” script) with Lisa. In fact, they even discussed a possible spinoff starring Lisa and me, if, according to [name removed], everything went well at the Sur party.

It sounds like Lisa’s reaction was genuine, but it was still drama planned out ahead of time. Especially because even though Cedric allegedly was bringing a message of peace, he promised that “the public will come to realize Lisa’s pretty facade hides a heartless, bitter, rotting core.” That sounds bad (but oh so good in reality terms).

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