Video: Watch Jonah Hill Make Brad Pitt Laugh Until He Cries

A video is making the Internet rounds today that’s bound to strike joy into the hearts of all. Said video is a three-minute-long outtake (from the blooper reel included in the Blu-Ray edition of Moneyball) that consists entirely of Brad Pitt laughing at the off-camera antics of Jonah Hill until he is literally in tears. What the heck is Jonah doing? Does it even matter? When Brad Pitt lets fly his handsome, golden mirth, his joy can be felt all around the world.

Jonah Hill had better feel damn delighted about this, as he’s pretty much living the fantasy version of my life wherein I’m a successful comedian who gets to be in movies with Brad Pitt, and Brad Pitt totally gets my jokes and thinks I’m hilarious, and invites me over to his house for lunch with Angie and the kids, and I make Angie laugh too even though she seems a little reserved at first, and the kids, well, that goes without saying. If I can make Angelina Jolie laugh, I can certainly crack up a fucking four-year-old.

(Via Buzzfeed)

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