Shailene Woodley Wore Barefoot Running Shoes At A Golden Globes After Party

When an actress gets her first break-out role there always seems to be an embarrassing little detail from her life that emerges to taint her success. An corny commercial she did as a kid, an old school photo complete with head gear, or in Shailene Woodley’s case, her need to be ready for a nearly barefoot run at any moment.

At least, I assume that’s her reason for wearing the toe-sock-like running shoes (something runners sport when they want to try shoeless sprints but don’t want to cut up their feet) under her dress at a Golden Globes after party. They don’t look particularly comfortable and they definitely don’t complement fancy gowns.

Shailene is known to many as Amy, the teen who lent a slightly darker connotation to this one time at band camp on the show The Secret Life of the American Teenager. She plays George Clooney’s daughter in the Globe winning movie The Descendants and her acting ability in the film has been praised. Now she’ll know she’s truly arrived since cameras are being carefully trained on her feet waiting to out any foot-related secrets she might have.

So any stars who were considering slipping into bunny slippers at the Oscar after-parties, be warned, feet can sometimes peek out under your dress, however long, and as The Telegraph warned Shailene, “we’ll all be watching you.”

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    • thatgirl2

      To the person that wrote this article please for heaven sake if you have never worn vibram 5 fingers then please don’t say they are uncomfortable. Really how would you know
      The only way they are uncomfortable is if you don’t like going barefoot because that is the expirence that vibram 5 fingers gives you.
      You were born without shoes on your feet so wouldn’t you think that a healthy way to walk would be without shoes?
      Also you don’t know if she is recovering from a slight sprain or her legs or back were hurting and decided for her health it was best to wear the Vibrams.
      Looking good is one thing but your health, well it really is everything

    • Angelica

      I wear Vibrams as my everyday walking shoe because they are THE MOST comfortable shoe I have ever worn. They are also really good for your back, unlike heels, which can compromise spinal health because they lift your heels. Honestly, I commend Shailene for wearing these at the Golden Globes. While they are made primarily for barefoot running, they really do make and a great everyday shoe. My feel have never been happier.

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    • tray

      shailene looks really good in that dress.

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