Kelsey Grammer’s Wife Is Pregnant With Twins

For those counting Kelsey Grammer has had four wives (including his current spouse Kayte Walsh Grammer), won three Gold Globes (after his best performance by an actor in a TV-series drama win last night), and sometime this year will have a total of six kids. Kelsey and his wife Kayte Walsh Grammer announced last night she’s pregnant with twins.

The two will be married a year this February and have already suffered one miscarriage.

It can be tough to see your ex move on with their life, even if you want to be happy for them. While most of us just have to contend with some overly happy Facebook pictures when one of our former significant others moves on, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Camille Grammer gets to see her professionally lauded personally ecstatic ex-husband grinning all across the Internet this morning. I hope last night she was at least at a really fun Golden Globes party.

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