Elton John And His Husband Aren’t Happy With Madonna’s Golden Globe Win

There are sore losers and ungracious winners, but what would Elton John’s pre-Golden Globes attack on Madonna’s award prospects make him? Not psychic, apparently, because Madge did go home with a Globe for best original song in a motion picture despite the fact Elton insisted there was no “f**kin’ chance” she could win.

More unrest over Madonna’s win came from another member of team Elton during the ceremony, his husband David Furnish. Taking his rage to the net David put the eloquently phrased, “Madonna. Best song???? F**k off!!!” on his Facebook page.

While Madonna’s winning song “Masterpiece” from W.E, a movie she co-wrote and directed, doesn’t sound like a work of genius, Elton John was nominated for a so-so tune from the poorly received Gnomeo & Juliet. It’s not like Madonna was robbing him of his globe from The Lion King. [tagbox tag= "Golden Globes"]

David tried to further articulate his problems with Madonna grabbing the globe, writing on Facebook, “Madonna winning Best Original Song truly shows how these awards have nothing to do with merit. Her acceptance speech was embarrassing in it’s narcissism. And her criticism of Gaga shows how desperate she really is.”

Criticizing her speech suggests David might have more of a problem with Madonna herself than her work; you can accept the prom queen looks the best in her dress and still hate to see her wear the crown because of her nasty personality.

Defending Lady Gaga also suggests there might be something else in play besides David’s musical taste or even loyalty to his husband; loyalty to a friend.

Whatever the reason behind Elton and David’s anger, Madonna has a new trophy for her mantel, while they’ll be left refreshing Facebook to see how many of their friends like their indignation.

Update: Better hope Elton doesn’t want to make a Kate Middleton/Prince William movie, because that’s reportedly Madge’s next big project.

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    • Dakota

      LOOL. Elton has been so nasty toward Madonna on many occasions over the years and Madonna has responded with grace. Elton is her “friend” one second and then bashes her out of the blue, unprovoked. She’s complimented him many times and did Elton and David actually see the full video of what Madonna actually said of Gaga? She didn’t lie and her comments are what most people said about the song. No big deal. Madonna even praised Gaga on multiple occasions. If award shows are meaningless then why are these two taking them so seriously and acting bitter when they lose? Losers.

      Congratulations to Madonna! I thought she was charming.

    • Sampson

      WOW. What sore losers these guys are. Madonna was very kind to Gaga if you saw the ABC interview in it’s entirety. Of course they only show one small cheeky part in the previews to try to pull in viewers. And the song “Masterpiece” is really very good. It deserved the globe.

    • j

      Elton you and your partner (what has he accomplished) besides being your bitch.. are so sad and pathetic.. you give gays a bad name.. man up Elton… Elton’s partner… just try to act like a man.. just for a minute

    • gary

      madonna is the queen of pop,but those two are just a couple of old queens

    • Mary Jane

      Jealous bitches who want to try to hop on the Madonna train that’s about to hit!

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