Lifetime’s Sexting In Suburbia: The Highlights Reel

There are three kinds of Lifetime movies: uplifting, scary, and horribly depressing. Sexting in Suburbia, for all it’s attempts to end on a positive note was incredibly sad. Opening with a mother coming home to find her teenage daughter has hung herself doesn’t normally lead to an upbeat film, but it seemed with every detail that came out about the teen’s final months the story got sadder and sadder. It’s definitely destined to enter the canon of middle school health class films. Check out our highlight reel for all the gut wrenching moments you missed.

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    • Dee

      How did the evil mom get the photo? If Dina sent it to her boyfriend, how come he did not see it until the evil mom sent it from Clare’s phone?

      • jen

        The movie is nothing like the true story. The girls name was Jessie Logan. Her boyfriend Ryan Salyers(has a facebook in cincinatti) is the one who sent the pics out. What a loser!!!

    • Dee

      Nevermind I figured it out

    • Mia

      This movie makes me so mad! Those kids went too fuckin far I wish she could have been stronger. Fuck wat ppl say or think about u…

    • leonshae

      ummm….i thought the boyfriend died in Prayers For Bobby

    • leonshae

      ummmm. i thought the boyfriend died on Prayers For Bobby

    • Brittany

      The plot of this movie and the real life situation of Megan Meier were farely close. Megan lived only ten minutes away from me, and some people I was friends with knew of her.

      Bullying is such a terrible thing. This movie will definitely show how it affects a person, as if they already didn’t know, and it can happen to anyone.

      • nye

        OMG seriously. I had no clue this was a true story.