Daniel Radcliffe Was Best As A Dog On SNL

Daniel Radcliffe was great as the host of SNL last night, not because he’s revealed he’s a comedic genius, but because he seemed so enthusiastic and committed in every skit. He really shined as Casey Anthony’s dog, not in small part because they let him drop the American accent he was saddled with for most of the other sketches, and they threw him one of their best Harry Potter themed sketches yet. The opening monologue, while funny (Dumbledore working at Harry Potter-y Barn!) might mean Daniel is in for some hate mail. You don’t insult adult Harry Potter fans even in jest. Here are some of his best SNL moments.

You knew they had to work in at least one Harry Potter sketch. Harry as a magical version of the Matthew McConaughey Dazed and Confused creeper is awesome. A Hagrid penis joke is uncalled for.

They really didn’t have to write anything for this concept, just put Daniel behind the desk dressed not just as a yorkie, but a yorkie with a bow. This sketch also marks the second Sarah McLachlan PETA dig of the night. Is she in a fight with one of the writers?

This sketch is funny because of the accuracy of the premise (“twitter famous meaning not really famous”), but it’s amazing because it turns Daniel Radcliffe into a real live leprechaun.

I’ll admit this skit got a little clunky, but at least now we know in a hundred years we can curl up with our pet wolverine and watch the news report about Taylor Swift’s unspeakable crimes.

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    • Gabby

      Dan was hilarious. Another favorite of mine was the Delaware Fellas and the Spin the Bottle sketch. I think the writers of the show could have done a better job, but Dan excelled with what he was given. Hilarious.

    • Audrey

      In the HP skit, he said he apparated in, but he couldn’t! If the writers read HP they’d know that Hogwarts is chock full of anti-apparition charms.

    • ErikdvP