Gallery: How Dolly Parton Has And Hasn’t Aged Since Nine To Five

Dolly Parton is 66 this month, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at her! …Actually, it’s pretty clear thanks to Dolly’s many plastic surgeries since she first became famous in the music and movie worlds back in 1980. Dolly’s happy to share insight on her many nips and tucks; she’s known for laughing, “If it’s a-sagging, a-bagging or a-dragging, I go get it fixed! I get it sucked, plucked, and tucked!”

Dolly stars opposite Queen Latifah in the new gospel movie Joyful Noise, so it’s clear that she’s not slowing down anytime soon. But we were curious—seeing as we’ve only known her as the slightly plastic, collagen-stuffed, platinum-blonde star, what was she like back in her first film Nine to Five?

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