Parenting Lessons From Teen Mom 2: Double Punch To The Gut

Leah and Corey compare Ali and Aleeah's development in "Lean on Me"/"Breaking Point"


DON’T: Be impulsive

In the first scene, Leah brings home a stray cat and seems to think that she and Corey, with their full-time jobs and young twins, can afford to take care of it. Maybe it was meant to be a whimsical moment, but it just made her look like she was stupid with money.

DO: Take unexpected news well

Leah was sure that their latest appointment with the geneticist would be Ali‘s last, but instead she and Corey find out that the geneticist has to take more samples and get back to them. Although she’s clearly upset, she manages to not devolve into a Jenelle freakout.

DO: Be careful about how you compare your kids

It makes perfect sense that Corey and Leah would check Ali’s development against Aleeah‘s (above); if you have the “control” option of what a healthy kid would look like, of course you would scrutinize your less-healthy kid against it. But you have to imagine that Ali will spend most of her adolescence doing the same thing; even though she and Aleeah are fraternal, she’ll probably be consumed by comparisons, especially if she has campomelic dysplasia like the doctors think. So, better to not ingrain those patterns too early.

DO: Encourage development

The sweetest part of this arc was seeing Ali reaching for cheese puffs and therefore learning how to walk. Sure, she has to be outfitted with splints, but at least she’s trying… and her parents are cheering her on at every step.

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