Robert Pattinson Fans Are Undeterred By His Bald Head At The People’s Choice Awards

Robert Pattinson has built much of his reputation in Hollywood on the reputation of his lustrous locks, but he showed up tonight at The People’s Choice with a haircut so close cropped that he was practically bald. It’s a risky thing for a male hearthrob to treat his hair so brutally. And fans have been known to revolt for lesser sins. But at The People’s Choice Awards, RPatt did not seem to have that problem.

When he took the stage to accept the award for favorite dramatic movie for Water For Elephants, the fans were screaming so loudly that he could barely ge this acceptance speech out. They screamed when he got on stage and just kept going until he was done with whatever he was saying (we couldn’t actually hear it).

The verdict? English adorableness trumps any hair trends. And it doesn’t hurt that he probably made agreeable small talk with the adorably aged Betty White in the front row all night.

(Photo: Getty)

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    • JRT

      Thought he looked great! And he was gracious as always!

    • Natasha

      What the hell has he done to himself? There’s nothing wrong with being good-looking etc. These are natural gifts. You can still be taken seriously ( you are already Rob) and still look great.

      To deliberately get heavy and cut off glorious, wild hair, then turn up to the PCA’s looking like he might as well be called ‘dave’ from Walthamstow is a travesty.

      ‘Ugging up’ is a crass way to impersonate credibility and/or tell those around you that you are asserting control. Relax and enjoy the gifts youth and genes bestow.

      They won’t be here forever.

    • just me

      first of all I KNEW IT!:) i just knew before it happened he would pull this stunt.. and i feared it would look awful and grotesque on him cose Rob has a big head, literally and figuratively, and worried people will laugh at him..LOL, what a caring fan i am/ we are. but he did look hot:) (JRT is right:) ..just as hot as ever..and people applaused to him so wholeheartedly , i just enjoyed the moment. but i also agree with Natasha: enjoy the youth and beauty as long as it given to you, Robert, you are too young to hide it! i miss the beautiful hair, there is nothing wrong in having something that others don’t have or don’t appreciate.
      and no, we don’t revolt, it’s Robert who we love, not the length of his hair.. though the Hair wouldn’t hurt;)

    • Jen

      He and Kristen Stewart are so over.

    • Gracy

      Updated blog guys!
      Robert Pattinson || Bald.. boring..barbie?

    • Robert Petrson

      He looks much better buzzed. I actually now find him remotely attractive. But still does not compare to Taylor! :)