Midnight Tickets For The July 19th Screening Of The Dark Knight Rises Are Sold Out

In something that’s quite unprecedented, the July 19th midnight screenings of The Dark Knight Rises are sold out. That’s right, the movie is still over six months away and all those tickets are gone.

Releasing tickets early is becoming a trend to get fans rearing to go and anticipating the movie, but six months out is something else. Even Hunger Games, that has acquired a huge following, won’t even release tickets for its March 23rd premiere until Wednesday, February 22nd.

Who can we thank for squashing the dreams of all those hoping to be the first in line to see the third installment of Christopher Nolan‘s masterpiece? Fandango; which basically is just as equally evil as that monopoly Ticketmaster. It was just this past Monday when the site started selling tickets for the movie, all hush-hush style, to theaters in major cities like L.A. and New York City.

Batman crazed fans were the first ones to notice what was going on, as any proper, fanatical stalker would, and according to sources, by the time this hit Variety, all of the NYC IMAX screenings were gone. But before you start your crying and completely cursing out Fandango, the world and everything in between, you can still get your hands on tickets–for $100 a pop on Craigslist. Leave it to scalpers to totally be on the ball when it comes to ripping off fans.

Those of you who absolutely must be there for the midnight showing now need to decide if it’s worth five times, and in some places, 10 times the original amount for something that you can see the following night at the normal price. Groceries this week or The Dark Knight Rises at midnight in July? Making decisions aren’t fun and guilt over wonky priorities are even worse. The Dark Knight Rises just won out somewhere.

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