Lindsay Lohan Might Play Elizabeth Taylor In A Lifetime Movie

If there was ever a celebrity life just asking for a Lifetime movie, it’s Elizabeth Taylor’s. The channel broadcasting television for woman is currently working on a flick to capture at least part of her crazy life titled Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story, and they’re reports Lifetime is looking at Lindsay Lohan to play Taylor.

This could be a good career move for Lindsay for a couple reasons. First, staring in a Lifetime movie is a kind of right of passage for young actresses she skipped. She’s a little too old to play the classic teenage mom like Kirsten Dunst or Keri Russell, but she can still get the Lifetime stamp on her resume.

It also might be a good idea to distance herself from her Marilyn Monroe obsession, which is now tied to her Playboy shoot and the overall dip in her career. Portraying another incredibly famous actress could be a literal and symbolic turning point.

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    • Barbara Boyd

      Lindsey Lohan playing Elizabeth Taylor..that’s insulting to the memory of Elizabeth Taylor!!