The Slasher Flick Gets Even More Absurd In The ATM Trailer

Never have I been so glad to have a contact at IFC Films, because that means that I get to see their hilarious-looking (and that’s a compliment) new horror flick ATM. No, it’s not a sequel to Miley Cyrus‘ technology-saturated movie LOL; it’s the harrowing tale of three pretty young stars trapped in a bank ATM while a crazed killer stalks them from outside.

Amazing, right?

This is sort of the next step up from that indie horror film Frozen from a few years back: Take two guys and a girl, put them in an enclosed space that seems easily accessible but isn’t, and insert some sort of threat to keep them caged. Really, there’s not much more to the plot than that: A hooded man with a knife watches them in the glass-walled ATM, then kills anyone who tries to come to their defense.

You’ll recognize Alice Eve, who played “Erin Go Braless” in Sex and the City 2, as the girl caught between two guys: The one who’s always had a crush on her and would kill to spend time alone with her (Brian Geraghty, seen in The Hurt Locker and the When a Stranger Calls remake), and his annoying friend (Drake and Josh‘s Josh Peck).

Lest you think an ATM is a boring place to kill people, consider that the killer tries to a) break the windows down, b) set it on fire, and c) fill it with water to drown them. What will be interesting is how the movie treats his motivations; is there some intricate mystery as to what vendetta he has against these kids, or is it like The Strangers where his sole reason is “because you went to grab some cash for late-night pizza”?

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    • Lilac

      Wow…Lame…seriously Lame. What is there like a pile of bodies outside the building from the people trying to help them? You know if they just hit the glass between the ATM and the bank it would register a potential break in and call the police. And seriously three “teens” and no one has a cell phone?