Amber Portwood Is Treating Her Jail Letters To Her Brother Like Old-Fashioned Twitter

TMZ has obtained a copy of the latest letter that Teen Mom Amber Portwood sent her brother Shawn Portwood (or Bubby) from jail. In it, she talks about how rattled she is by jail standards — like writing with a flexible pen so she can’t use it as a shiv — and how she’ll never take her family or baby Leah for granted again. With Amber falling all over herself to declare her innocence and desire to be a better person, you have to wonder if she knew that her letter would make it on a gossip site.

In fact, I’m pretty sure that she planned for Shawn to release the letter to the media, especially because she closes it with Well I love you and tell all my supporters to write me for encouragement if they want. It seems like a bid for attention, and is a weird reversal since if she were still on Twitter, Amber would have hundreds of fans begging her to write them.

She’s basically treating these correspondences like Twitter, releasing details about jail — the flexible pen bit and the fact that she’s the only one in there for felony battery — as well as basically apologizing for the behavior that landed her there. I’m really scared I’m going to prison, I don’t know what to do, she writes. All I think about is Leah and how she needs a ro-model… I don’t want people thinking I’m this crazy bitch. I am a good person, and I pray that I can change my life! Interestingly, the section right after is blacked out; although she’s censored for language, it’s unclear what delicate information got edited out, either by the jail or TMZ.

You can decipher the rest of Amber’s handwriting at TMZ, but we’ve seen plenty. Back in December, Shawn took to his own blog to debunk the allegations as to how Amber broke her probation; he maintains that she never hit anyone and that she’s already amassed $40,000 in a college fund for Leah.

These two make a pretty good spin team.

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