Snooki Catches a Shooting Star On Her Shoulder

Following the trend of new celebrity tattoos Snooki now has some new ink on her shoulder. This weekend she stopped by The Martlet Tattoo Parlor in Hollywood, CA to get the cluster of red stars chasing a larger black striped star that now decorates her right shoulder.

Snooki tweeted as the artist was working, tapping out, “”Gettin tattoo done as we speak omg I can’t.” Using twitter when someone has a needle to your skin just seems dangerous. What if someone tweeted a freaky picture and she jumped?

Just so her followers wouldn’t get a false picture of her casually tweeting and sipping a cocktail she did explain the tattoo wasn’t painless, “If I could say every curse word in the book I would……well I am. Out loud and proud.” She wouldn’t be Snooki if she held anything back.

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