Glee Won’t Be Getting A Spin-Off

The Glee season four rumors have been flying since the Gleeks realized Rachel, Finn, and Kurt should be graduating from McKinley at the end of this season. Would there be a spin-off chronicling Kurt and Rachel’s New York adventures, would they all fail gym and have to stay in high school another year, or would they just disappear?

Now it’s been confirmed no spin-off is planned for the McKinley High seniors but Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer will all be back next season. Corey explained Glee creator Ryan Murphy is “keeping the William McKinley paradigm intact,” in a “brilliant, groundbreaking way.”

It’s interesting that Cory referenced the high school when talking about the seniors’ future. Normally when a high school drama’s stars graduate, they all graduate, and the show can move with them to college, no strings attached. The students of Boy Meets World even took their high school teacher with them to college so they’d never again have a reason to wander the halls of John Adams High. With so many of Glee’s students still juniors the plot will have to stay in high school, at least some of the time.

fans won’t have to wait until next fall to discover the post-grad fates of Finchel and Kurt. Kevin Reilly, the entertainment chief at Fox, has said their plans will be clear by the spring episodes which makes sense, that’s when real high school senior will have to start making college or career plans.

For now we’ll have to be content with speculation and dreams of the perfect senior class scenario. Personally, I hope they found a community theater, staging musicals the McKinely kids can perform in too. It would mean more show tunes and less Mr. Schue, two great Glee improvements.

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    • Brianna

      WTF! The best show coming to an end?! This can’t be happening!

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    • Daniel

      I am so happy to ear that Finchel is coming back in season 4. They are what makes this show what it is. Can’t wait to see how they bring them back though. It should be interesting.