10 HowAboutWe Dates To Help You Find Your Geeky Soulmate

College (and post-grad) dating is likely the first time in your life that you’re meeting people who haven’t known you since you were in kindergarten. Out on dates, you could make up a whole new persona for yourself or delight in being able to finally gush about your favorite obscure TV show and geeky dreams. (We hope you choose the second option.) And if you feel like you’re not finding the right guy or gal for you, then TheGloss Dating (brought to you in partnership with HowAboutWe) is the way to go.

Users give their usual info and then are challenged to post a pithy, tweet-sized date. It can be anything from trying a specific restaurant in your neighborhood to conquering a fear. To that end, I’ve compiled ten geeky dates from TheGloss Dating that are sure to be immediate icebreakers. ”Geeky” here is not only the usual enthusiasm for video games or space phenomena, but also people who come up with innovative dates that don’t just involve staring at each other over a cup of coffee.

Each one features some element of pop culture, many of them throwbacks to our childhood… because who doesn’t love stargazing or Nickelodeon’s Global Guts?)

What are you waiting for? Make a free profile on TheGloss Dating and start meeting some like-minded geeks!

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