The Daily WTF: Guy Shoots His Roommate, Leading To Discovery That Third Roomie Is A Child Molester

Fate is a strange and powerful thing. So is alcohol. When these two conspire, who knows what kind of crazy stories you’ll find?

Today’s Daily WTF came about when a man in Utah drunkenly decided that he would shoot a mouse in his kitchen with a handgun. However, the bullet somehow went through the wall and struck his roommate in the chest… in the bathroom.

This led police to the scene, where they discovered a third roommate and, more importantly, his 13-year-old girlfriend hiding in the basement. This man, Paul Daniel Kunzler, is 34.


The girl told police that she had sneaked out of her house to see Paul and that they’ve been carrying on a sexual relationship for four months. They “met through a common friend,” to add another level of creepiness to this story.

Police arrested Paul for multiple counts of sex abuse; they’re still investigating how much Paul’s roommates knew about the relationship.

This is not something you can laugh at because of the somber material… but it’s still pretty incredible that a random act of drunkenness led to justice being served.


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