Art Crush: The Obliteration Room, Where Kids Post Hundreds Of Stickers To White Walls

Obliteration Room

Art! Sometimes the idea that jumpstarts a breathtaking exhibition is so simple that, well, a child could have thought of it. That’s the impression you get when faced with The Obliteration Room, a new installation at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. Artist Yayoi Kusama built this room and painted every available surface a blinding white. Then he gave circular, multi-colored stickers to all of the children to stick anywhere they wanted. And look what came out of it! A gorgeous explosion of color that gives the room so much more depth and personality.

This is something out of our childhood dreams, and it’s on display through March 12. And this shot is only of halfway through the process! Check out our gallery for the entire transformation, photos courtesy of This Is Colossal.

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