Parenting Lessons From Teen Mom 2: Belated Christmas Is Mostly Holiday Cheer, Some Holiday Tears

This week’s Teen Mom 2 was a little bizarre since it was a week removed: The girls celebrated Christmas with their respective families, in many cases having to do the tree decorating and presents opening multiple times since their babydaddies had separate families or their own parents didn’t want those guys in on the festivities.

There was plenty to be uncomfortable about: Chelsea‘s parents barred Adam from their homes despite him getting a “real” job; Jenelle whined about Kieffer being in jail and continued to ignore Jace; I’m convinced that Leah and Corey are living in denial… Oh, but Kailyn actually reconciled with Jo‘s mom, so there’s still hope for a Christmas miracle.

Leah and Corey with Aliannah and Aleeah on Teen Mom 2


DON’T: Overdo it on Christmas when your kids are so young

If Aliannah and Aleeah were five years old and one of them had a small optic nerve and Daddy couldn’t come to her doctor’s appointments because he had no sick days left… then I would understand Leah spending over $500 on Christmas presents for the twins. But at barely a year old, they’re not going to remember their second Christmas at all; there’s no need for such a lavish display that they’ll outgrow in a year. Especially when Leah and Corey need to be saving as much as possible.

DO: Be a good sport

You have to hand it to Corey. Usually he’s portrayed as grumpy or work-obsessed (especially when he found out how much Leah spent on the girls’ gifts), but he dutifully puts on the Santa suit to make his daughters’ Christmas even more special.

DON’T: Be in denial

I’m convinced that Corey and Leah have to be ignoring some pretty glaring problems in their relationship right about now, since Leah keeps chirping on about positivity and yet they’re currently divorcing. It’s getting painful to watch Leah be all “I’m so thankful we have each other on the girls’ birthday” while eating cake with Corey, and knowing that this will all go to shit very soon.

DO: Preserve their illusions

But then, when the girls start crying, Corey pulls off the fake beard and announces, “It’s Daddy!” Come on, dude—let the poor creatures believe in fairy tales for at least a few years. With any luck, this devastating reveal is all they’ll remember from Christmas, and not those expensive gifts.

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    • Lisa

      I disagree that Jenelle did the wrong thing by pressing charges against Kieffer and the right thing by bailing him out. For once, I was proud of her for standing up for herself without yelling! She did it because he assaulted her. That is wrong. Period. Girls need to know that what he did is NOT okay. He deserves to go to jail for what he did.

      Also he is a manipulator (just like Adam btw). Jenelle was confident in her decision to press charges until she talked to him and he weaseled his way back into her heart and made her feel guilty for doing the right thing. When he was walking through the door into custody and turned to her to say “I love you”, he knew what he was doing. Making her feel like crap and like she doesn’t deserve better than this.

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