6 Reasons Why Josh Lucas Might Be Better Than Tom Cruise As The Firm‘s Mitch McDeere

Tom Cruise originally made John Grisham‘s character Mitch McDeere (from his novel The Firm) come to life on the big screen in 1993. It was the first of several of Grisham’s books that would to be made into a movie, and introduced audiences to just how scary and dangerous it is to be a lawyer–at least in Grisham’s world.

On Sunday January 8th, NBC will start their new series The Firm, but filling Mitch McDeere’s shoes this time around will be Josh Lucas. For those of you who are drawing a blank, among his many rolls, Josh played that smoldering Jake Perry in that semi-awful Reese Witherspoon movie Sweet Home Alabama. So while Lucas isn’t exactly the big name that Tom Cruise is–yet–this doesn’t mean he can’t give Cruise a run for his money as Mitch.

The series picks up after the McDeere family has left witness protection, and Mitch is practicing law again, and yet again he finds himself in another shady law firm where–are you sitting down?–his life is at risk! Drama ensues, there’s a lot of Mitch running around in a suit with his briefcase in hand as his perfect tie flaps in the wind. Sound familiar?

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