10 Things James Franco Should Do Instead Of Writing Another Book

Artiste, director, student, stoner, and actor James Franco is once again trying to infect the world with his “brilliance.” Since Franco’s short story collection Palo Alto was pretty much panned for being an utter piece of shit, he’s decided to have another go at it, but this time he’s writing a novel.

The novel, Actors Anonymous, will be published by Amazon and is supposed to be a fictionalized account of Franco’s trials and tribulations as an actor. He’s done everything else, so he might as well tackle this end of the art world as well.

However, since he’s made it clear with this last attempt that writing isn’t exactly his forte, we’ve decided to a make a list of 10 suggestions for the darling for which he may be better suited. Besides self-involved fawning, of course.

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