What if Twilight Was Written By A YA Author Who Wasn’t Stephenie Meyer?

Yesterday io9 posted some ideas about what Twilight would have looked like if famous authors tackled the immortal love saga instead of Stephenie Meyer. But what if other childrens and young adult authors were at the helm?

Judy Blume-Forever, Deenie, Then Again, Maybe I Won’t
Bella and her best friend Jacob love to go to the movies and just hang out in the Washington state fog, but lately Bella’s been spending all her time with her boyfriend Edward. Will Bella learn to balance her relationship with her friendship, and remember to always wear protection?

Suzanne Collins-The Hunger Games
When Bella’s father is killed in a police shoot out, Bella has to drop out of high school and take a minimum wage job so she’ll be able to feed herself. When the opportunity to compete on a reality show for the chance to win a million dollars comes up she knows she has to take it; but when she gets there she realizes when the players are eliminated they’re executed so they won’t reveal the show’s secrets. Bella knows she can win if she aligns her self with Edward, who seems to know what the other contestants will do before they do it, but will the alliance distance her from her woodsy BFF Jacob back home?

Lemony Snicket-A Series of Unfortunate Events
Bella comes to live with her father when her mother is killed in a freak accident, but as soon as she gets comfortable with her dad he dies in a similar freak accident. Luckily the kindly Cullens love to take in older teen orphans, and they have plenty of room in their mansion. Bella thinks it’s going to be great, but the Cullens are hiding a more sinister agenda…

Laurie Halse Anderson-Speak, Wintergirls, Twisted
When Bella starts at a new school she feels totally alone, until Edward comes along. Soon he’s all she can think about. But what starts as a crush quickly turns dark as he starts sneaking into her room to watch her sleep and talking about hurting her. Will landing in the hospital make her realize there’s a difference between love and obsession?

Francesca Lia Block
-Weetzie Bat, Echo, Violet and Clair
Depressed in the face of the Fork’s gloom Bella’s almost given up on the idea of love, when she meets Edward, whose diamond dazzle skin melts the fog, and Jacob, whose strong arms will always protect her. She convinces them both to move with her to LA, where everyone assumes Edward is wearing body glitter and they accepts Jacob’s wolfishness as is.Together they live in a vintage-decorated apartment, eat organic muffins, and grow to love each other more and more.

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