Selena Gomez’s Unborn Sister Scarlett Teefey Is Famous On Twitter And Tumblr

Last week, Selena Gomez posted a belated Christmas message to her fans on Twitter and Facebook, where she thanked them for their support and prayers after her mother Mandy suffered a miscarriage a few weeks ago. Selena also revealed that her little sister would have been named Scarlett Teefey (her stepdad’s last name), and now her fans the “Selenators” have embraced the unborn child like one of their own. [tagbox tag="Selena Gomez"]

Selena’s message was as follows: Belated Merry Christmas everybody.. I can’t thank you enough for all of your thoughts and prayers. We appreciate every one of you.. I love you all so much and we hope you and your family had a beautiful Christmas. She signed it, Love, Me, Momma, Brian and our guardian angel Scarlett.

It’s a fascinating phenomenon to witness: Selena’s fans are sending Scarlett messages of love and thanks for watching over Selena even though they’ve never met her. “Scarlett Teefey” started trending on Twitter after Selena’s announcement, and she now has her own Tumblr search page as well. Users have posted .gifs of Selena crying (screenshots from Wizards of Waverly Place or Monte Carlo) along with their declarations of love.

From Selena to the Gomez:

We, dreamers, love you so freaking much. You’re an angel, you’ll always protect your family, your sister, wherever you be. Thanks Scarlett. I’m so sorry. You don’t deserve it, you deserve the life babe. I’m alive but is you that really should be.

A tweet from @TheJustinEmpire:

Scarlett, what a beautiful name for a beautiful baby whom shall forever be treasured and apart of our family,always. r.i.p Scarlett Teefey.

Naturally Unbroken posted this collage of Twitpics from various users who seem to have drawn “ST” (some with a heart) on their wrists in solidarity. Thankfully, none of them look permanent.

One fan even printed out and framed a photo of Mandy and her husband while she was pregnant, and gave it to Selena. Although the Selenators can overreact in other situations, it’s pretty touching to see how they do their best to reach out to their idol during this painful time.

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