The New Punk’d Looks More Immature And Less Funny Than The Old One

Judging from this preview, MTV‘s Punk’d should’ve stayed in 2007 with Ashton Kutcher‘s obnoxious trucker hats. It’s always going to be an early-aughts treasure, and trying to revive it in 2011 with new celebrity hosts only reminds us that you can’t capture lightning in a bottle twice.

But try they will: Now, instead of Ashton targeting his celebrity pals in each meticulously-planned prank, you have half-assed nonsense conducted by Justin Bieber, Kellan Lutz, and Dax Shepard depending on the week. Signs that your show is a shadow of its former self: When Miley Cyrus is the one plotting a trick on Khloe Kardashian.

In this clip (via ONTD), Miley and Kelly Osbourne (who’s also in on the prank) invite Khloe over for a girls’ night in, but their delivery guy… needs to use the bathroom… then gets his balls stuck in his zipper. Um, OK? This is a ninth-grade prank, and a pretty lame one at that.

Here’s what made the original “punks” funny:

1) They took place in public: At Justin Timberlake‘s home, on the set of The Rock‘s new movie, in a dressing room with Eliza Dushku.

2) If the punks were true, they’d actually affect the stars’ reputations.

3) The consequences were big and in turn inspired panicked, hysterical overreactions.

By contrast, this punk looks like it’s a minor inconvenience, something that the notoriously-TMI Khloe would tweet about with a laugh during. The only way that Khloe might be worried about this would be if part of the joke was the delivery guy threatening to tweet about her being a bitch or about hooking up with her, or something that would make her look bad to her fans.

Punk’d is set to return on March 19; rumor has it that Justin Bieber just pulled a prank on Taylor Swift on New Year’s Eve a few days ago. That’s another thing—Punk’d had its heyday right before Twitter became ubiquitous among celebrities. Can MTV really hold them to non-disclosure agreements when they could just tweet “OMG Biebs totally punk’d me!!” instead and ruin the surprise?

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